"It's like Hotels.com and AirBnB, but for Parking."


On-street Parking
via Local Providers

We connect local parking applications and providers to be available directly via Parkamo as a single app. The same way Hotels.com offers to book local Hotels in a single app. This means you don't have to switch to different applications to park in different zones, cities or countries. Parking while travelling has never been this easy!

We've build the app with the ease of usability in mind. Boasting a range of features, such as multiple cards & vehicles, GPS based parking and start/stop functionality. It is an native application, built with the parker in mind. Once you open it, it will locate in what zone you are in or nearby. Once in the desired zone or area you can start your parking in 1-easy tap of a button.


Peer2Peer Parking
via Private Hosts

Already renting out your apartnemt with AirBnB? Start renting out your parking space in the same way with Parkamo. It's like AirBnB for parking. Start making extra money on your parking space while you are not using it. It's easy, free and only takes 5 minutes. We make regular payouts on a monthly basis.

Add your space to Parkamo and print out any of our Parkamo signs below. Put it up and let people know they can park in the space easily using an app. Perfect for tourists visiting your city!

Parkamo features

On-street Parking

Connects different local parking providers in a single app.


Accepts most currencies, cards and credit cards via Stripe.

Native apps

Native application for iOS and Android via the store.


Real Time tracking of your parking sessions, areas and zones.


Easy to use and intuitive app. Support and help easily available.

GPS based

Parkamo App will automatically find the zone and pricing.

Social Media Logins

Use Facebook or Google to quickly login or register.

Peer2Peer Parking

Rent out your private parking spaces and make extra money.

Download Our
Mobile App

Our native Android and iOS apps will help you to easily get trough the whole parking and payment process with just a few intuitive clicks. The apps are lightweight, fast and built on the best design principles to keep the user experience at a maximum level. The combination of one-click start and stop parking along with the GPS info make the parking convinient and fun to use.

Parking Provider? Interested to Connect?

Drop us a line and we will contact you for further request for information. Private as well as public operators are welcome to contact us!

Contact Us

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